Fold Down Windshield



This product fits the RZR (2015-2020 900 Trail, S / 1000 S) (2014-2018 XP 1000 / XPT) (All models 2 and 4 seaters)


This is our newest product in our line of UTV windshields. This is the most versatile windshield you’ll find. Our Fold Down Windshield¬†is actually a HALF windshield, a FULL windshield, and a fold down windshield, all paired with a tinted polycarbonate sun visor. Some of the advantages our Fold Down Windshield¬† has over our competitors windshields are as follows:

  • We do not use velcro to attach our windshields to your UTV. Velcro tends to not work when it gets wet or dirty, and allows the windshield to move around and vibrate.
  • Our design does not allow the windshield to rest on the body of your machine, causing rub marks on your plastic, when folded down.
  • When folded down, our upper piece has a 2″ bend at the bottom to deflect air, which simulates a Half windshield when in this down position.
  • Billet aluminum clamps are included with every windshield to insure a strong, solid mount.
  • Our lower piece of the windshield is much lower and out of the line of sight, so you are not looking through a bunch of bends, rubber seal, and hinges.
  • This windshield covers all the way to the top of your roll cage, NOT leaving a 1″ gap at the top for air, dirt, and water to come in like other folding windshields.
  • We use only 1/4″ Abrasion Resistant Polycarbonate *MADE IN USA* to build these windshields.

Included with this windshield are all mounting hardware, clamps, and brackets for an easy install.


You must utilize the factory installed black plastic piece that goes across the top front of the roll cage to attach our tinted visor. If you have an aftermarket cage, or if you removed this factory piece, our windshield will NOT fit!

Check out our YouTube channel “Double Ott UTVA” for an easy to follow installation video!!



Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 21 × 2 in