Double OTT UTVA RZR Half Windshield

Wind deflection taken to the next level

Double OTT UTVA RZR Half Windshield

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Recently we tested out Double OTT’s abrasion resistant half windshield on our Turbo RZR and wanted to share it with you along with some of their other products.

Since the early days of testing Yamaha Rhinos in the Winter, we discovered that a half windshield makes the driving experience much more enjoyable in any machine. Technology in this area has grown over the last decade and Double OTT UTVA (208-440-7568) is on the forefront by using the latest Makrolon® Polycarbonate materials in all their products.

Double OTT UTVA RZR Half Windshield

Double OTT is a family owned company that has built a reputation by treating customers the way that we would want to be treated.

What is it?

Every Double OTT half windshield is made of 1/4” inch thick Makrolon® Polycarbonate. This is basically the same material that high-end car headlight lenses are made out of.

The Abrasion Resistant products are made with Makrolon AR-2, so it’s coated on both sides. Each one is designed with a 45 degree upper lip to deflect air over the passengers heads. Every piece is CNC cut for a perfect fitment every time. All of the edges are rounded and hand smoothed.

How does it fit?

The half windshield installs quickly using four supplied Stainless Steel clamps that slip over the RZR’s A-Pillars. On the Turbo RZR, the windshield is eleven inches tall.

What does it cost?

Standard half windshields are $75. Tinted half windshields run $85. The abrasion resistant half windshield we tested costs $ 130. Shipping is free. Yes, free!

What do we think?

We initially installed the windshield so it would block the wind coming in the cab during our attempt at the Idaho Rally. Our navigator had to read notes printed on paper pages in a book. So we didn’t want wind effecting that process. As expected that deflector worked perfect. Both of our passengers were over 6 feet tall and the wind went right over their helmets and out the back.

We saw more advantages in the early morning hours when the temperatures were near freezing and none of the cold wind hit our racers even at full speed. At 1/4” thick, we didn’t see any bending or bowing of the deflector.

The abrasion resistant deflector didn’t seam to collect as much dust as other products we have used in the past. What did collect we could easily wipe away with a dry rag or even with our gloves. Furthermore at eleven inches tall the drivers were actually looking over the shield 90-percent of the time anyway.

When it came to cleaning the deflector up, using water or even a dry micro fiber rag, we could wipe it clean as if it was glass. There were no marks or streaking to deal with. In fact we hit a huge tree branch at about 50 MPH and it only made a small mark that was buffed away with a little elbow grease.

We have tried a lot of wind screens and some install and work a little better than others. As of now, this is the best one we have tried. It mounts quick, cleans up easy and has zero movement or bending even at high speeds. All Double Ott products have a warranty against cracks or breakage.

What else?

Double Ott has a host of other RZR products in their line that include tinted roofs, side wind and dust deflectors, rear windows and a cool split front windshield. This split windshield is the only one of its kind that we have seen that supplies a convenient way to carry the top portion of the windshield after you remove it.

To do this, a small aluminum channel gets clamped to the B-pillars and two posts are affixed to the top rear roll bar. That way when you want to remove the upper portion of your split windshield, just drop the lower portion in the channel behind the seats and tighten the top section with the two posts.

If you don’t already have a rear window/dust deflector, your upper split section will act like one. The same products are available for smaller RZR 570’s, 800’s and the ACE too.

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