Polaris RZR 800 Incline Parking Brake




Brake9001000 Brake9001000_2 Polaris RZRs have automatic transmissions that rely on placing the vehicle in “PARK” to hold the vehicle in place. On level or nearly level ground this is effective for holding the vehicle in place. However, should an operator stop the RZR on a uphill or downhill slope and move the shift lever to “PARK” and release the brake, a strain is placed on the vehicle transmission and linkage with the vehicle weight acting on the transmission making it difficult or impossible to move the vehicle shift lever from “park” without exerting force on the shift lever that may damage the vehicle transmission and/or linkage..

The EZ INCLINE PARKING BRAKE addresses this problem by providing a brake lever for maintaining a sufficient depressive force on the vehicle brake pedal to hold the vehicle in place. When the operator depresses the vehicle brake pedal and manually moves the EZ Incline Parking Brake Lever into the engaged position the brake lever will hold the brake pedal in that engaged position locking the vehicle brakes and preventing the movement of the vehicle in either a forward or backward direction. The operator can then place the vehicle shift lever in “park” without having a strain on the transmission and linkage. NOTE: Prior to releasing the vehicle brakes the operator must move the shift lever “out of park”. To release the vehicle brakes the operator simply depresses the vehicle brake pedal and moves the brake lever back to its disengaged position thus allowing the brake pedal to return to the brake system released position.

The EZ INCLINE PARKING BRAKE method of locking the brakes locks all 4 wheels of the vehicle, unlike some other brakes on the market that lock only 2 wheels.

The EZ INCLINE PARKING BRAKE comes with all Stainless Steel Hardware and is a “Ready to Install” product with a very fast installation process that should be completed within 10 minutes.

NOTE: When ordering, please note all Brakes now have a Black Frame. Photos included may show past colors which are no longer available. We can’t guarantee all of our products are compatible with other after-market manufacturers’ designed parts.

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in
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