Polaris RZR RS1 1000 Tinted polycarbonate roof

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POLARIS RZR RS1 1000 — ITS NEW — TIRED OF RIDING YOUR RZR WITH A STANDARD UTV ROOF AND NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE THE MOUNTAINS, TREES, AND ANYTHING ELSE ABOVE YOU. With our Tinted, UV Protected, 1/4″ thick Polycarbonate UTV Roof you can now see right through it and see what is above you and around you. Here is what you get. (1) A Tinted, Polycarbonate SEE THRU Roof (2) All the necessary Hardware to install the Roof (3) Installation Instructions (Very easy Installation).  For more info call (208) 440-7568
Our roofs also offer more shoulder protection than the Polaris metal roofs!!!
Instead of following the roll bars straight back from the front, ours start at the width of the front of the cage, and come back at an angle to the widest part of the top of the cage. Providing an extra 4.5″ of shoulder coverage, compared to the Polaris roof.
All of our roofs are CNC cut, with smooth finished edges, and are bent using a heat bender.
Polycarbonate material is virtually indestructable! It’s what they manufacture bulletproof teller windows, and airplane windows out of!! We have these roofs on our machines, and have tested them in various conditions. We actually rolled our RZR1000, and landed the roof on a large rock, ripping the nuts off of the bolts, and barely marking the edge of the roof. We re-sanded the edge, reinstalled it using new hardware, and this roof is still installed on our RZR1000 to this day. Had that been an aluminum, or plastic roof, it would have been trashed!
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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 1 in

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