RZR RS1 1000 Tinted Roof



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When you go for a ride, you want to enjoy the outdoors. Our roof gives you full visibility and lets in plenty of light while still blocking harmful UV rays, infrared heat, and precipitation. The ability to see to a full range of sight ensures you will never be surprised by what’s in front of you. You get more comfort, better views, and safer rides. Our roofs are 1 complete piece of 1/4 thick tinted polycarbonate and not seamed together. The dark tint reduces UV exposure and glare while maintaining your visibility and that open-cab feel.
Shipped with: (1) A Tinted, Polycarbonate Roof (2) All the necessary Hardware to install the Roof (3) Installation Instructions.
Our roofs also offer more shoulder protection than the Polaris metal roofs!
Instead of following the roll bars straight back from the front, ours start at the width of the front of the cage, and come back at an angle to the widest part of the top of the cage. Providing an extra 4.5″ of shoulder coverage, compared to the Polaris roof.


Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 1 in

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